Public consultation for the International 3D Printing Hub
Help us to define the best 3D Printing Hub around and tell us how you would like to participate in it

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The collected information is confidential, to be used exclusively by the ACCIÓ team defining the Hub model. At this stage of the initiative, this questionnaire does not constitute any binding commitment.
In its National Agreement for Industry, chapter Industry 4.0 and digitisation, the Government of Catalonia includes the Creation of a 3D Printing Hub, an infrastructure at the service of the industry that will consolidate Catalonia as an international innovation hub focused in this technology.   With the twofold aim to define the model for the Hub and to capture the commitment of the private sector regarding participating in it, ACCIÓ -Agency for Trade and Innovation of the Government of Catalonia- opens this public consultation addressed to the 3D Printing ecosystem and the industry.   For that reason we want to invite you to participate in this query -to be open until February 15- and at the following dialogue that we will have with the entities that indicate its willing to do so.

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Next section is about contrasting the strategic approach and the model for the 3D Printing Hub. Your contribution will very useful to complete the preliminary model.  

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Strategic Approach and model for the Hub

(At the end of every sub-section you will be requested to add your opinion, whenever you consider it appropriate)

As with all new technology, the path ahead is full of obstacles and barriers and, therefore, of challenges to face. In the case of 3D Printing / Additive manufacturing the main current barriers facing its adoption are:

• Unexpected complexity occurring compared with current technologies
• Intensive work activity during initial design and final post-processing phases.
• Unfamiliarity of real costs.
• Concerns regarding IP protection and cybersecurity.
• Limited offer of available material.
• Unfamiliarity of the technology’s value chain and specific processes: materials, design, test, production, post-processing, inspection and standardisation.
• Lack of technical staff trained in design, production, materials and testing.
• Lack of standards, certifications and experience in tests and validation.
• Cost of machinery, programmes and materials.
• Mechanical and functional behaviour of the printed pieces inferior to those produced with traditional technologies.
• Levels of final resolution and surface quality.
• Financing of the technology.
• Printing slowness.
• Lack of versatility: materials, combinations, colours.

Would you like to modify/improve this approach?
The Catalan Government’s strategic approach about the 3D printing / additive manufacturing technology is based on the following considerations:

• The state-of-the-art of the technology is not enough to meet all the needs of the industry. This statement is especially applicable when it comes to direct production. Nevertheless, the pace of improvement is high.
• However, the level of adoption of the technology in the Catalan industry’s value chain is quite behind its level of availability.
• There is a significant window of opportunity today to gain market share in the global market of the technology and its related services.
• The Catalan industry has a huge mass of potential users of the technology.

… all the above direct to the following strategic drivers:

1. Introduce programmes and tools to support the adoption of the technology by the industry, especially the SMEs.
2. Attract new investments and stimulate the generation of start-ups to enlarge the ecosystem.
3. Foster projects of application of the technology in the industry.
4. Facilitate the integration of the technology and materials in the manufacturing process for end-product.

Would you like to modify/improve this approach?
The most relevant action to develop this strategy is the creation of an international Hub in 3D Printing / Additive manufacturing. This Hub will concentrate resources, capabilities and knowledge with the following specific purposes:

• Concentrate resources, capabilities and knowledge to offer high level competence in the technology so to perform experimentation, applied research, development, technology transfer, testing, certification and validation.
• Encourage and facilitate the adoption and use of this technology by industry, especially SMEs.
• Consolidate and generate an ecosystem.
• Attract innovative projects in the application of technology to the value chain.
• Evolve, adapt and certify specific materials in order to achieve final products.
• Develop qualify&assurance processes, use guides and sectorial standards to guarantee industry quality requirements.
• Define and distribute training and coaching programs.
• Create a showcase of sectorial applications, finished products, technologies and materials.
• Attract talent and promote a network of expertise.
• Internationally project Catalonia as a hub of reference in both the business and technology.
• Facilitate investment, funding access and incubation in start-ups.
• Perform technological and market surveillance.
• Represent and defend Catalonia on European and global platforms and programmes to promote the technology.

Would you like to make contributions on this?
The model for the Hub will revolve around:

• In its  hard side, an infrastructure that brings together competences and resources to perform laboratory tasks in experimentation, applied research, development, test, technology transfer, certification and validation.

• In its soft side, the Hub will be endowed with a set of tools and programs such as advisory and mentoring services for companies, training and learning and incubation and acceleration for start-ups, among others.

The Government's participation in the Hub is subject to certain conditions:

• Public-private partnership: shared investments, risks and benefits.
• Open and integrative platform.
• Focus on the provision of services with an economically sustainable business model.
• Governance led by the public administration.
• Professionalized management.
• International projection.
• Fully transparent of participation, definition and/or tender processes.

If you think that this model can be improved, please, leave your comment here:
What else could the Hub do  to facilitate the transfer/adoption/growth of this technology to/from industry?

What do you think the Hub should NOT do?

What technologies do you think the Hub should have?

Regarding Printing/additive technologies:

What technologies do you think the Hub should have?

Regarding Post-process technologies:
What technologies do you think the Hub should have?

Regarding 3D modelling software (and related):
What technologies do you think the Hub should have?

Regarding materials:

What technologies do you think the Hub should have?

Regarding robots:
What technologies do you think the Hub should have?

Regarding other complementary machinery for transformation and/or materials machining:
What technologies do you think the Hub should have?

Other equipments/systems:
Over the space of the next 3-4 years and in the field of 3D Printing / additive manufacturing technology and related sectors, your organization is thinking about ... *

Could you specify which markets on an international level you would like to develop with the support of the Hub?

Based on your business interest, indicate the 3 priority application sectors for 3D Printing / additive manufacturing technology *

What other ecosystems/hubs in the world (countries, regions, cities) think that it is appropriate to analyse to investigate cases studies and improve the Hub model?

What do you feel it is important to showcase in the demonstration space of the Hub? *

Are you interested in participating in the 3D Printing Hub in accordance with the explained model and with your amendments outlined in the previous points? *

Explain how the Hub could benefit the entity you represent (in terms of added value) *

Now, we will proceed to how your organization is interested in participating in the functions and services of the Hub.

Please be aware that the information collected in this questionnaire is confidential, to be used exclusively by the ACCIÓ team defining the Hub model and its planned activities. At this stage of the initiative, this questionnaire does not constitute a binding commitment –either implicit or explicit- to any of the parties to provide support to a partnership.
Participation modes

R+D+i Laboratory

You are interested in ...

Development of pilot projects

You are interested in…

Technology appraisal

You are interested in…

Search for clients and projects

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Material development and certification

You are interested in…

Business and technological surveillance

You are interested in…

Design, engineering, product improvement

You are interested in…


You are interested in…

Initial orientation in the technology for SMEs

You are interested in…

Marketplace platform

You are interested in…

Investment attraction

You are interested in…

Promotion and awareness

You are interested in…

Training and coaching

You are interested in…

Printing service

You are interested in…

Start-up incubator

You are interested in…

Share stands at trade fair and congresses

You are interested in…

Catalogue of skills and solutions

You are interested in…

Dual training of apprentices

You are interested in…

Showroom of parts and technologies

You are interested in…

Management of the Hub and facilities

You are interested in…

Would you be interested in participating in the Hub governance? *


In this governance, how would you like to participate? Would you be willing to share in the risk and profit of the Hub? *

Do you want to participate in talks after this public consultation? *

These talks will take place in individual or joint interviews, depending on the participant's decision, and will help to iterate on the Hub model

You chose to be interviewed jointly. Could you indicate with which entities/persons?

We are about to finish. Do you want to make any other complementary comment/remark to this questionnaire? *

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